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StreetPrint Pavement Texturing

streetprint pavement texturingGaston Asphalt Paving, Inc. has been the authorized area applicator since 1993. StreetPrint was developed by Integrated Paving Concepts located in Canada. It is the process of imprinting a brick pattern into asphalt and applying a color coating system to look like brick, stone, or even slate. Asphalt is reheated with a reciprocating infrared heater. Templates made from woven steel are pressed into the asphalt with a plate compactor. After desired template is installed, a sprayer is used to apply high performance coatings.

StreetPrint can be installed in driveways, patios, crosswalk areas, parking lots, speed humps, and even streets. Here are some of the benefits of StreetPrint:

  • It's seamless, so there is no vegetation growth, water penetration, or shifting of individual brick like you would see with brick pavers.
  • StreetPrint requires lower maintenance than other decorative applications.
  • Asphalt up to two years old can be reheated and imprinted.
  • Water based epoxy cement coatings add strength to asphalt to provide a skid resistant surface and have the flexibility to move with the asphalt.
  • Coatings are safe for the environment. Coated asphalt can be recycled.
  • Many colors and patterns available along with custom templates and logos.

StreetPrint Genuine Stamped Asphalt

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TrafficPatterns XD

textured, highly attractive topical treatment

Gaston Asphalt Paving, Inc. has been an authorized applicator of TrafficPatterns XD since early 2010. TrafficPatterns XD by Flint is a durable preformed thermoplastic surfacing system that provides a textured, highly attractive topical treatment to the surface of asphalt. The material is installed in 2 ft x 2 ft sheets of 180 mil thick thermoplastic and is heated using StreetHeat infrared machine to acquire a molten state. Sand is then applied to attain additional friction properties to the surface. The cooling material is then printed with a 3/8 inch flexible rope template and vibratory plate compactor to achieve the desired look of brick and clearly defined lines. Demarcation of crosswalks is typically done by installing transverse white thermoplastic retroreflective lines on either side.

TrafficPatterns XD benefits are:

  • Improved traffic safety at intersections with its anti-skid properties
  • Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Stands up to extreme use and wear
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Repairs can be made with minimal disruption to traffic

TrafficPatterns XD by Flint

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